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UnitedLinux Biographies

Paula Hunter, General Manager, UnitedLinux

Paula Hunter is UnitedLinux’s General Manager. Ms. Hunter most recently served as Vice President of Marketing for Xevo Corporation, where she drove the company's marketing efforts and strategy. As a founding officer and recently Chairman of the ASP (Application Service Provider) Industry Consortium, Ms. Hunter provided strategic direction and operational management to this global advocacy group. Previously, Ms. Hunter held key executive positions at several startup companies, and within Compaq Computer's Emerging Markets and Programs Business Unit. She holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College, Waltham, Mass., USA.

Gregory Blepp, Board of Managers, UnitedLinux

Gregory Blepp is SuSE Linux AG’s representative to the UnitedLinux Board of Managers, and is VP International at SuSE. Mr. Blepp has been active in the IT sector for more than 20 years. He began his professional career in the Sales division of Mitsubishi Electric. Later, he served in executive positions in the Sales, Marketing, and Operations divisions at Seagate, Cheyenne Software, and Computer Associates. This was followed by a two-year period as Managing Director of Network Associates Germany. Before he joined SuSE, Mr. Blepp operated as an external consultant for IT companies.

Fumiko Doi, Chief Marketing Officer, UnitedLinux

Fumiko Doi is Turbolinux's representative to the UnitedLinux Board of Managers. At Turbolinux, Ms. Doi, Chief Marketing Officer, is in charge of corporate marketing with overall responsibility in product marketing, public relation and global alliance. Prior to joining Turbolinux in January 2000, Ms. Doi has garnered extensive experience at various global IT companies.

Gordon K. Ho, Board of Managers, UnitedLinux

Gordon K. Ho is Conectiva's representative to the UnitedLinux Board of Managers. Mr. Ho is in charge of corporate development at Conectiva with overlapping responsibilities in the investor relations and finance areas. Prior to joining Conectiva in February 2000, Mr. Ho held various positions in investment banking and the finance industry. Mr. Ho is currently based in Curitiba, Brazil, where Conectiva's headquarters are located.

Andy Nagle, Board of Managers, UnitedLinux

Andy Nagle is The SCO Group’s representative to the UnitedLinux Board of Managers, and is the Director of SCO Linux products for The SCO Group. Prior to assuming his current responsibilities in April of 2002, Mr. Nagle spent over ten years as Project Manager for UnixWare and other large software development projects, after completing ten years in various Engineering Management positions. Mr. Nagle has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.



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